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New coach orientation video

Listen to the video below to hear about how to prepare your students for competition.

The California Mayors Cyber Cup began in 2018 as a way to build cybersecurity awareness across the communities in California. Local government, business, parents and community members are invited to observe and support the students participating in the event. NorCalCyber currently sponsors the event in Greater Sacramento and the Far North with the help of California Strong Workforce Program funding.

For teachers, coaches or parents, this is an excellent opportunity to get started with team competitions in cybersecurity. Where the other competition programs requires a large commitment and IT support, the Mayors Cup offers an online competition where students can self-learn in the gym on a Chromebook prior to the competition. Whether you are looking for activities for your entire class or just a few students interested in cybersecurity, this event offers a low barrier to entry to allow you to offer a new opportunity to your students.

A recording of the Coach Orientation webinar for new and/or existing coaches is below. This webinar went over the Cyber Skyline competition and best practices for helping your students start learning and preparing for the competition.










NorCalCyber Mayors Cup Resource Guide

The following is a guide produced by Cyber Skyline in an effort to help you plan and prepare your teams for the upcoming NorCalCyber Mayors Cup on April 27, 2024. In addition to this guide, you and your teams will gain useful tips from Cyber Skyline from the training video series that is posted in Resources. 

2024.02 Northern California Mayor's Cup Resource Guide.pdf