Week 2 - Fundamentals & Rachel Lee

Mr. Franz Payer

Franz Payer is the CEO of Cyber Skyline, the cloud-based platform and content provider that powers the National Cyber League. Founded in 2014, Cyber Skyline has helped more than 100,000 students and professionals in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia through cybersecurity competitions, candidate skills assessments, and professional development opportunities. Prior to Cyber Skyline, Franz was a Computer Network Operations Software Developer at Tactical Network Solutions, supporting the work of the US Intelligence Community.

Rachel Lee

Rachel Lee is a senior at. Del Norte High School in San Diego, CA. She has actively participated in cyber competitions since she was in 5th grade and has been instrumental in the success of the teams she has been a part of. There is much more you can learn from her depth of experience when she shares her story on March 8th during the LIVE@5 session.