Week 3 - OPEN SOURCE &  

Peter Larsen

Mr. Franz Payer Cyber Skyline

Franz Payer is the CEO of Cyber Skyline, the cloud-based platform and content provider that powers the National Cyber League. Founded in 2014, Cyber Skyline has helped more than 100,000 students and professionals in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia through cybersecurity competitions, candidate skills assessments, and professional development opportunities. Prior to Cyber Skyline, Franz was a Computer Network Operations Software Developer at Tactical Network Solutions, supporting the work of the US Intelligence Community.

Peter Larsen  Microsoft

Peter comes from a mixed background of large and small tech companies with over 15 years of experience across several domains in cyber security. As a Pacific Northwest native, he has had the opportunity to work at both Boeing and Microsoft as well as a cybersecurity consultancy, which has provided many opportunities to solve interesting problems and serve in various roles of different impact across these companies. His current domain focus is on public key infrastructure, addressing the industry challenges in implementing secure cryptography and

digital certificates at scale and meeting policy requirements.